Vast sea and fishing romance…

As a miniature of the ancient town of Sozopol, “Sozopolis” complex is a unique closed sea holiday village in Bulgaria, located directly on the rocky shore of the Kolokita Peninsula in the Budjaka area. The village has picturesque architecture and is built in the style of old Sozopol, with cobbled streets, some of them pedestrian, beautifully landscaped rows of houses, well-kept landscaped areas with diverse flora, benches and relax areas, playground, breathtaking views towards several bays, as well as to the old and new town of Sozopol, and to the endless sea, of course.

There are plenty of valuable archeological discoveries in Sozopolis: Thracian sanctuaries about 2,500 years old, as well as a natural mineral spring, near which a SPA center has been built on the coast with incredible views towards the bays.

In addition to the sound of the waves in the morning, you can hear small fishing boats, the song of birds, and you can even spot dolphins in the water.

Fishing spirit and romance are everywhere. At the very rocky foot of the complex, there is a platform and a fishing weir, which supplies the neat little restaurant "Dalyan Sozopolis" with fresh catch, contributing to the unique atmosphere.